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1.Kosice and Nove Zamky are still waiting for their rosters to receive the green light by the health institution but a new team, Michalovce, has been benched for two rounds due to a coronavirus occurrence after playing the initial two rounds of Tipos Extraliga.。
2.However, Carillo secured a point for the visitors by netting with an 85th-minute header following Miguel Trauco's cross. Enditem。
3."Infinite thanks for everyone's support," Arias said in an Instagram post on Saturday. "It is very comforting to know that an entire country and many more people around the world are sending me all their support and good wishes."。
4."Chile is a team that in recent years has been very consistent, it is a winning team, with big figures," said Godin who plays for Italian Club Cagliari.。
5.Playing basketball for 27 years, Ji has found her deep love for the game without any surprise.。
6.Honda, who joined the Rio de Janeiro club in February, capitalized on an errant clearance from goalkeeper Luan Polli to lash an unstoppable 20-yard shot into the top left corner.。


1.It was third time lucky for the forward, who had been called up for former Spain coach Roberto Moreno, but pulled out the squad due to injury. He was avoided from making international debut again in this September because of a false coronavirus positive test result.。
2."He has started treatment and physiotherapy. The next 24 hours will be important to see how his recovery will be. We'll evaluate him again before training [on Thursday] and we'll have a better idea then."。
3.Wang won the hearts of the spectators in the stands with her outstanding performances, but she couldn't win the support from her mother, who believed girls should be elegant and focus on their academic studies. Wang only managed to convince her mother when she received an offer from a top high school because of her football talent.。
4.The famous son is the 2020 Formula 2 racing series leader.。
5."What I learned at Bayern and what I can stress is the need to train hard. It's something I've always done. But, now, if I have to work three or four times harder than normal, I'll do it. I've been working on my physical fitness and I'm feeling really good. The intensity of the training is something that Bayern take very seriously and you can see that the players benefit from that."。
6."One month and a half ago if you tell me you're going to have this trophy with you again, I will say, This year will probably be too difficult," said Nadal who arrived in Paris this year without any tuneup tournament win, the first time in his career.。


1."It is true that the altitude is difficult. It can be suffocating. But what is really important is the flight of the ball and how that changes."。
2.Fujian coach Gong Songlin emphasized the role defense played in his side's victory.。
3.He continued his rich vein of form for Uruguay on Thursday, playing one of his best matches for his country to date as La Celeste beat Chile 2-1 in their opening 2022 World Cup qualifier in Montevideo.。
4.Team play was lacking but at least the defense was doing its job by keeping the lurking Scots away from the penalty box. As a result, the first half did not produce a single shot a goal on either side.。
5.The Real Madrid player heaped praise on Peru, who he said would test the five-time world champions, despite the absence of their captain and all-time leading scorer Paolo Guerrero because of a knee injury.。
6.Slovan Bratislava, one of the top title-contenders, was also close to losing its third in succession but managed to edge out Miskolc in OT to earn the first points of the season.。


1、Coutinho, who was also deployed in a more central role by Brazil coach Tite against Bolivia, said his time at Bayern had taught him the importance of a strong work ethic.。
2、In games in the Chengdu division, Beijing Renhe scored three goals in first 15 minutes, beating Beijing BSU 3-2. Renhe climbed the rankings to second place. Chengdu Better City led the rankings with four more points than Renhe.。
3、"We made full preparation for this match, and restrained their main attackers quite well," said Inner Mongolia coach Zheng Wei.。
4、In another game on Monday, Shanghai pulled off an overwhelming victory over Dongguan 68-54.。
5、The GFA said the weekend matches for the premier league may be played on any day from Friday to Monday while midweek matches may be played on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.。


"I still have a lot to improve, to learn, to grow," Valverde told reporters in a virtual press conference on Friday. "Compared to previous years, I feel much better now, more conditioned on a footballing and personal level. But I'm very young and I have a lot to learn."!


  • 力其 11-29

    "It has been a complicated year for everyone," the 33-year-old Barcelona forward told reporters. "With the national team we want to try to make people happy with this victory in a difficult situation."

  • 根机 11-28

    The former Bayern performer claims the team needs to count on a reliable strategy.

  • 直接 11-27

    Asensio looked back on the knee injury he suffered in pre-season in the summer of 2019, when he damaged his cruciate ligament.

  • 起码 11-26

    According to Globo Esporte, Robinho has agreed to receive a symbolic salary of less than two U.S. dollars a month.

  • 状通 11-25

    The number of critics calling for a change on the German bench is increasing.

  • 的吗 11-24

    "The passion and commitment of all involved in the league and their unwavering love of Australian basketball are the core reasons why players, coaches, officials and club staff will be making significant sacrifices to ensure the 2020 WNBL season is contested," Jackson said.

  • 了先 11-23

    Nitra is the new leader of the rankings; its third win out of three came after a solid performance in the first two periods on Detva's ice.

  • 下便 11-22

    The unexpected return to Poland seemed to be a problem for the team and changed the preparation plan for Beijing 2022 in China. For now, it is not known what the next season will look like, because the International Ice Skating Union (ISU) has recently announced that there will be no speed skating World Cup competition in 2020.

  • 还不 11-21

    In Monaco, Kipyegon posted the fastest time of two minutes and 29.15 seconds, which was 0.17 seconds slower than the world record set by Russian Svetlana Masterkova.

  • 生对 11-20

    Arias was taken off on a stretcher in the 12th minute of Friday's clash at Estadio Metropolitano after colliding with Darwin Marchis in an incident that left the Bayer Leverkusen player's left foot jutting sideways from his ankle.

  • 造本 11-19

    "This is a spectacular season," said Coe, himself a two-time former Olympic champion. "This is an exceptional year. I'm really thankful for them. It tells me that the athletes have weathered the pandemic months extremely well. Many of them have been limited to their own houses for many months."

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